Cytosystems: pioneering the development of non-invasive cancer diagnostic technologies

Cytosystems develops non-invasive cancer diagnostic and stratification technologies, with an emphasis on a whole-cell approach for improved clinical decision-making. 

Focusing on the diagnosis and prognosis of urological cancers, including bladder and prostate cancer, Cytosystems deploys highly sensitive and specific patent-protected MCM2 antibody diagnostic technology. This provides a simple, inexpensive and reliable alternative to cystoscopies and other traditional invasive approaches.

BladderLight™, which redefines the potential of urine cytology through:

  • improved cell collection
  • sensitive and  specific molecular marker
  • whole-cell approach, reducing the level of false positives that would be present in a molecular-only approach
  • digitized analysis

Cytosystems' background

Based on ground-breaking research at the Universities of Cambridge and Aberdeen, UK, Cytosystems Ltd was established in 2006 and is now a clinical-stage commercial development company. Cytosystems has developed and patented a number of biomarker and enabling technologies designed to advance conventional urine cytology-based diagnosis and management of bladder and prostate cancer patients.

Non-invasive diagnostic technologies for other cancers are also currently under development by the company. Cytosystems is actively involved in major multi-disciplinary clinical research projects with leading international urological cancer institutions.

Cytosystems is funded through private investment and commercial support from, among others, Horizon 2020, the European Union’s largest research and innovation programme, Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, and Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s primary economic development agency.

We are always looking for new partners to help us improve clinical practice, or become involved in industrial and research partnerships. If you would like to talk to us, please contact us

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